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Planting bare root roses

I will tell you the exact time which the goods arrival to the airport or port. You should promptly pick up the bare roots, transplant them into the flower-pot or soil. Before bare root was transplanted into pot, you should keep bare root wet, avoid the wind and sun. Bare-root roses can also be put into the water (but water temperature can not be too high).

Within the first 15 days, the bare root which have been transplanted into the pot or soil need to be watered in time, to avoid sun exposure or blown by wind.

About soil:

Roses like acidic soil £¬but the level of acid they prefer depends on the type. Please note, prohibit the use of alkaline soil, but you can add the perlite to improve the soil's alkaline. You can also use the peat soil.

About water:

Prohibit use the high salinity water.

Bare root roses Is transplanted into the pot
Outdoor pot flower rose
Germinated,pot flower rose which have new leaf
Germinated,pot flower rose which have new leaf
Germinated,pot flower rose which have new leaf
Blooming rose in greenhouse

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