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The Company has formed a steady relationship with a certain number of foreign clients by participating in the flower-related exchange activities in Holland, Germany and Australia, visiting their flower enterprises, and inviting them to the base of the Company for inspection.

The Company is committed to providing its considerate services to foreign flower companies by helping to cultivate the roses at a lower production cost in China. In the production process, we take great care to have the soil disinfected, and make sure that the poor roses will be left out by conducting a conscientious selection in the whole process including the initial cutting (or grafting) in the seedling bed, the intermediate planting and the final pulling-up in the field.

Now, 60-70% of the cut seedlings of the Company have been rated as International Class A, and the percentage of graft seedlings is even higher, reaching up to 80%.

With regard to the Company's seedlings, of which the varieties are supplied by foreign companies, the Company will strictly abide by the requirements of Plant Variety Rights, and will destroy all the rejected ones to make sure that they will never be put on sale in accordance with the contract terms.

[About Order] [How to order] [Delivery time and transportation] [Foreign processing]

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