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Rose propagation

After years of exploration and practice, we have the systematic cultivation and management experience with rose, the survival rate of cuttings, grafting continually improve, plant growth faster and emergence, Many breeding methods can be used in Rose, but also the most convenient and commonly used method in asexual reproduction, that is, cutting and budding.
First, cutting propagation

1.cutting time: October and November
First,cutting the length of 10-13 cm stem is appropriate£,at least two buds above,the practice of many species are using three bud cuttings.
Second,there are leaves on each sections of cuttings stem, when cutting,to prevent excessive transpiration,we must cut off the lower leaves,leaving only the uppest two leaves.
3.cutting the deal: Before cutting insert substrate,often deal with chemicals to increase the root function. Treatment chemicals,said root-stimulating hormone,is a plant growth regulator,use it to spread or dip in the branches at the base,that is quickly taking root,and uniform. Stimulating hormone, many different types of these,the most commonly used IBA has (Indolbutyric acid,referred to as IBA),NAA (Naphthalene aceticacid, referred to as NAA) and so on. Cuttage substantial when stimulating hormone by mixing 1 / 10 of fungicides such as Captan (Captan, also known as Cape Town), Fukumi iron (Ferbam) and so on, can prevent bacteria,such as breeding,but not many,and for a long time obstacle to take root.
4.interpolation Management:
buried cuttings about the problem: for the stability of cuttings to buried 4-5 cm is appropriate.

Second, grafting propagation

1.grafting time: August and September

2.grafting methods

First,in the rootstock on ripping out the cortex,to usher in the new shoots grafted films£¬the shape of incision there: T-shape,inverted T-shaped,shaped (double-door),single open,annular,square,cross,etc.
Second, cut shoots film also has many changes. Xylem has brought in other than by check bud bud and phloem£¬the xylem slightly thin one;also have non-xylem and xylem cut after stripping.
Third, the stock no peeling, just like Xu bud chip size, will go a piece of skin with rootstock xylem, the formation of the two alignment layers, tied tight£¬do not shoot the cortex surrounded by an external chip.

Types of roses

We have:Hybrid Tea Roses, climbing roses, ground cover roses, floribunda roses, miniatures roses, tree roses,

Rose colors are: white roses, yellow roses, orange roses, pink roses, red roses, black-red-roses, blue roses, purple roses, roses blending.

By cultivation classification:1,cut-flower roses. 2,Potted roses.3,garden roses.

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