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Delivery Time Of Rose Plants:

The lower temperature suitable for transplanting, the lower temperature seasons for the local site of our company is from November to March of next year, So the delivery time of the bare root roses also is from November of every year to March of next year.


Europe's climate is similar to China. In Europe, the selling of roses are usually well and big, the ordering quantity is also great, so the most appropriate transport shipping method is by sea. By sea the delivery time in December and January. BY SHIP, 40-foot container can be filled with 120,000 bare root roses. 20-foot container can be filled with 60,000 bare root roses. Keep the temperature at 2 degrees¡£China to Europe needs 50 days for shipping.

Middle East:

We have sold rose to the Middle East by air. Because every year in December and January ,the temperature is the lowest, so these two months as the best delivery time, thus, the survival percent of transplantation can be guaranteed.

Bare root roses need to plant into flower pots or soil. After you do a good preparation work,you can notify us to deliver rose via e-mail.

As soon as we receive you notice of delivery, we immediately transport these roses by air to Middle East. The total time estimated need about 6 days.

In Asia, Africa and North America must be base on local climate conditions, choose a lower temperature monthly of transplant plants.

Export transportation:

By sea

If you order more than 20000 bare root roses, it is most suitable for this mode of transport.

Air conditioned containers are used, with the capacity of each 40 foot container up to 100-140 thousand washed roses. each 20 foot container up to 50-70 thousand bare root roses.

They will be transported by trucks to Qingdao Harbor and then shipped to various parts of the world.


If you order less than 20000 bare root roses, it is suitable for by air, but the minimum order quantity is 1000.
Rose being excavated from the soil, within 7 days can be flown to airports in the world, so that can guarantee the survival rate of transplant.

[About Order] [How to order] [Delivery time and transportation] [Foreign processing]

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